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An Introduction



Born in 1968 in northern India, he was named 'Sanjeev' - the lively one by his great grand father. As the first offspring of the third generation of the well knitted Tulsian family living in Kanpur, was fortunate enough to get the best of moral education values from all this lineage. He was destined to lead an illustrious life ahead.

His early schooling at Methodist High School, Kanpur, an institution run by the Christian community and Welhams Boys School, Dehradun helped broadening the vision at an early age. It was a smooth journey to obtaining a masters degree in commerce and business administration.

It was at an early age that he started his professional career when he joined the extensive family business empire. With opportunities in handling projects and responsibilities, he gained experience in accounting concepts, marketing techniques, financial planning, personnel management...

At an early age of 22 he was married and became the proud father of his first son at 24. He joined the Junior Chamber and was accredited with many awards of excellence as a Jaycee.

In his endeavor of personal excellence, he ventured to Jaipur as the first generation industrialist of the family. It was here that he attended his first training program of the Art of Living Foundation in 1999.

Inspired by the humanitarian initiatives and the spiritual teachings of His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, he then attended and assisted many advanced training sessions and participated in social projects of the foundation.

As a part of these initiatives he conducted his first health - hygiene awareness program - the Nav Chetna Shivir for slum dwellers in the year 2000. He has contributed to shaping the lives of thousands people transcending age, culture, race and religion; and the journey continues.

He has extensively traveled across the various states of India and many countries across the globe.

He is a firm believer of the ancient teaching of Geeta - "Karmanye vaadhikaraste, ma phaleshu kadachanh". He leads life of a karmyogi - a family man, professional, humanitarian, visionary and a spiritual teacher.


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