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Royal Indian Wedding




A unique opportunity of wedding in a real palace with all the legendary customs and traditions reserved for the royals of that era.

Specially designed Royal Indian Scroll Invitation cards (farman style) starts spreading the message. A real haveli or palace in Rajasthan - the land of the royals, plays host to the stay of guests who are welcomed with garlands and tilaks.

The Mehandi ceremony and Geet sammelan where henna is applied to the Bride, Groom and women folk amidst entertaining musical performance by Bollywood stars. Traditional Rajasthani haat bazaar offering dupattas, juties, choodies to the guests.

The Baraat - wedding procession with the Groom seated on the ornamentally decorated elephant. A cavalary of camels, horses and courtiers leading the procession, the finely appointed brass band playing soul stirring music, men carrying lights. All the family members and guests clad in shades of nobles with traditional Indian attire, men adorned with colorful turbans and the women with rich Indian jewellery. Fireworks announcing the procession in the sky.

The wedding ceremony of the Bride and Groom who are the Maharani and Maharaja of the day takes place in the palace hall or lawns amidst the tunes of shehnaai and vaidic chants with the richly lit up jharokas, beautifully decorated with floral arrangement.

Folk artists performing ghoomar and kalbelia dances. Rich Indian cuisine, drinks, sweets and delicacies served with live continental food stalls. Specially appointed studio to capture those royal moments. Specially picked Indian handicrafts, gracefully packed for the guests.

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