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Punjabi wedding rituals is pleased to provide an insight to these traditions...

Punjab is the north Indian agricultural state, with hard working jovial people. Their culture is generally associated with a lot of fun and frolic. The Punjabi weddings are popular due to their unique style celebrations. Punjabi wedding rituals are celebrated lavishly. Punjabi Wedding Rituals are elaborate and are celebrated with great enthusiasm. There are many Punjabi wedding rituals that are performed.

Rituals and Customs
Many rituals and customs are performed in the typical Punjabi marriage. Most of the Punjabi Wedding Rituals add fun and frolic to the occasion. Sangeet is a pre wedding ceremony where only ladies are allowed. They sing and dance on the tunes. Juta Chhepai is a ritual full of fun, where the groom’s shoes are hidden by the bride’s relatives and friends and a negotiation takes place regarding the price which has to be paid for it to be returned. Bhangras and Giddas are dance forms which are performed at Punjabi Wedding.

Special Features
Punjabi Wedding Rituals are a traditional extravaganza and Punjabis follow customs which are truly unique in nature. Punjabi wedding is arguably the one with the greatest fun. All the wedding rituals at the wedding ceremony are fun also many games are arranged for this purpose. The Punjabi Wedding Rituals are celebrated with a lot of fervor and gaiety and hence, register memories for a lifetime.

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