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Parsi wedding rituals is pleased to provide an insight to these traditions...

Parsi weddings ceremonies are traditional ceremonies comprising of three main elements. The rituals and customs in Parsi weddings are strikingly similar in concept to the traditional Indian weddings. The starting of the wedding is however similar to that of the engagement. The ritual are interesting to explore.

Rituals and Customs
The Parsi weddings are known as Lagan. There are about five events that take place before the actual wedding ceremony. The Rupiya Peravanu ceremony in Parsi Weddings is the unofficial engagement that takes place in order to show the acceptance of the relationship. Silver coins are gifted to the bride’s family by the groom’s family. Mahavsaro custom takes place four days before a Parsi Wedding. In this the bride and the groom plant a mango tree in a pot which is nurtured for eight days.

The next day the groom’s families go to the bride’s house and gift her jewellery and clothes. Supranu Murat ceremony is similar to the Haldi and Mehendi ceremony of other Indian weddings. Five married women make a paste of turmeric in milk which is applied to bride and groom’s body. After this the bride and the groom undergo the holy bath in Nahan ceremony.

The Parsi wedding day cermony is also full of rituals and customs. The Parsi weddings take place in a Fire temple. Achumichu is the ritual before stepping on the wedding venue. The bride’s mother circles items like Supari, coconut, water, dates, rice and raw eggs around the Groom’s head. Then she throws them away. Similar is done by the groom’s mother on the bride.

Ara Antar is the ceremony in which the couple sits facing each other with the cloth held between them. Seven rounds are performed by the priest and the couple throws rice on each other. In Chero Bandhvanu the couple is tied together with seven strands. The further ceremonies that take place are Haath Borvanu, Pag Dhovanu and Chero Chorvanu. In all these fun filled events the sister in law of the groom puts his hand in water, pours milk on his shoes and removes the threads tying them on payments by the groom. After the wedding, the reception takes place.

The Parsi weddings are full of interesting rituals and fun filled customs. Even though many of the rituals are gaining modernity, the traditional methods are still followed.

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