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Oriya wedding rituals is pleased to provide an insight to these traditions...

The Oriya Wedding Rituals are almost same as any other Hindu wedding rituals. The wedding differs only in one feature. Here, the groom’s mother does not participate in the wedding ceremony. The remaining methods in the wedding event are similar to other Hindu Wedding rituals.

Rituals and Customs
The traditional Oriya Wedding Ritual starts with the “Jayee Anukolo” ceremony. In this the wedding cards are distributed. The first card is always given to the family divinity. The groom and bride’s maternal uncle get the second invitation. In the “Mangan” ceremony, the bride is given a holy bath by applying turmeric paste on her body.

Then the bride carries out the “Diya Mangula Puja”, where the Goddess in the temple is offered with bride’s sari, bangles, Sindoor and toe rings. Then the groom arrives at the wedding venue and it is called as “Barajatri”. The bride is informed about the arrival of the groom in the “Baadua Pani Gadhua” ritual.

“Kanyadan” is another part of the Oriya wedding ritual where the bride’s father gives her hand to the groom. In “Haath Ghanti” rituals the couple takes seven rounds around the “Havan Kunda”, the holy fire.

After the wedding, the bride and groom leave for the groom’s house, where the bride enters the house. This is known as “Grihpravesh”. After eight days of marriage, the couple visits the bride’s home in the “Astha Mangala” custom.

Special Features
Even though the Oriya wedding rituals seem to be the same as any other wedding in India, the mantras and other methods to carry out those rituals are different in an Oriya Marriage. The distinctive feature about the marriage is that the mother of the groom cannot take part in the ceremony. At the end of the wedding the guests are offered delicious traditional food.

The Oriya wedding rituals are the simplest of all. But that have many subsections. The post wedding ritual also comprise of two sub rituals, feast and reception. The wedding feast is a grand event where all the family members and friends eat together with the newly weds.

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