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Muslim wedding rituals is pleased to provide an insight to these traditions...

Nikahnaama, the Urdu name for the Islamic wedding means a contract. The agreement between the bride and the groom is called Ijab-O-Qubul. There are witnesses and  Mehr - the dowry which is agreed upon. The contract of the Muslim wedding is recorded in black and white. The Muslim priest is called Quazi who oversees the proceedings of the wedding. The Baraat, Nikaah Ceremony, Sermons and Nikahnaama are important aspects of these rituals.

Rituals and Customs
The most important of Muslim wedding rituals in India is Nikaah and the prayers. There are many other rituals involved in the Nikaah ceremony of Muslims. The Maulvi is the religious representative who conducts the actual ceremony. The Walis are the parents of the bride and the groom and their part in the ceremony is important. The Maulvi recites lines from the holy Quran and then the Ijab-O-Qubul happens.

In the Muslim wedding rituals, upon the consent of the bride and the wedding is formally over. The Mehr or the dowry is another important ritual and is decided by mutual agreement and the Mehr has to be paid to the bride by the groom.

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