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Marwari wedding rituals is pleased to provide an insight to these traditions...

Marwari weddings are celebrated with pomp and splendor. With all the ornaments and lavish clothes, the Marwari weddings are an extravagant affair. Marwari wedding rituals are an integral part of the Wedding and are done in a traditional way. The different Marwari wedding rituals can be divided as Marwari pre wedding ritual, Marwari wedding rituals and Marwari post wedding rituals.
Rituals and Customs
There are many Marwari pre wedding rituals. The engagement ceremony takes place at the groom’s residence where a ‘Tilak’ is applied on his forehead by the father of the bride and offers him gifts. In ‘Pithi Dastoor’ a vermilion paste is applied to both the bride and the groom at their respective homes. In ‘Mahira Dastoor’ the maternal side of both the bride and groom bring gifts for them. ‘Palla Dastoor’ takes place at the bride’s residence where she gets clothes and jewellery from the groom, to be worn on the wedding day.

When the Rajasthani baraat, arrives at the bride’s residence the Marwari Wedding Rituals are performed. A special Aarti of the groom is performed by the mother-in-law. The wedding ceremony at the mandap is usually attended by the female members. At the time of bidaai the parents of the couple praise one another and milani is offered by the bride's father.

After the marriage the Marwari post wedding rituals take place. The bride bids farewell to her family in the Bidai ceremony. Baad-Rukai by grooms sister takes place as the bride is welcomed with the Grihpravesh ceremony to the groom’s house. The newly wedded couple go to the temples to seek blessings of the deity. Neem juhari is played by the bride and groom with the groom's family members. The Pagelagani ceremony takes place on the next day where the bride is introduced to the members of the family and receives gifts from them.

Special Features
Marwari wedding rituals costs a fortune. Expensive clothes and jewellery for the bride because it is a symbol of the wealth of the groom. The maternal side of both the bride and the groom also spend a lot of money while performing the various ceremonies.

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