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Marathi wedding rituals is pleased to provide an insight to these traditions...

The Marathi wedding rituals are performed with a lot of gaiety and enthusiasm. Maharashtrian Weddings are performed in proper traditional way and all the rituals are performed by a priest. Hence, these comprise of the typical Hindu wedding rituals. Each stage in the wedding ritual in Maharashtra has some important significance and it is more of a homely affair than a boisterous show. Unlike the other wedding rituals in India, the Maharashtrian Wedding rituals are carried out in day time, mostly in the afternoon. It is rather the wedding that is celebrated in simplest way. It is less lavish than the other weddings in India.
Rituals and Customs
Traditionally, a Maharashtrian wedding starts with a hunt for a proper match and matching a kundali. After the match the families start the wedding preparations. There are various elements comprising Maharashtrian Wedding Rituals in pre-wedding section. Sakhar Puda, that is the engagement ceremony is carried out at the brideís home.

The families present packets of sugar to each other as the token that the match is accepted by both the parties. Then Kelvan is carried out where both the families feast together. The Haldi ceremony consists of the bath of bride and groom. Both of them are applied with Turmeric and Sandalwood paste. The brideís parents carry out Seemant Puja, where the groom is given gifts by brideís parents.

The main wedding ritual is also full of subsections. These are inclusive of the Antarpaat, Sankalpa, Kanyadan and Mangalsutra Bandhan. In antarpaat rituals, a holy cloth is held between the bride and groom, where both of them canít see each other. In Sankalpa, the couple takes permission to get married. In Kanyadan the parents of the bride give away their daughterís hand to the groom.

While in Mangalsutra Bandhan, the groom ties a necklace weaved in black and golden strings around the brideís neck. Now she is a married woman and continues to wear the necklace for lifetime. The wedding rituals end with Vivah Home, Saptapadi and Karmasamapti. In Saptapadi the newly wedded couple makes seven rounds around the holy fire. They make seven vows in this ceremony.

Special Features
The Maharashtrian wedding rituals are simple and fun. The wedding rituals have many subsections. The post wedding rituals also comprise of two sub rituals, feast and reception. The wedding feast is a grand event where all the family members and friends eat together with the newly weds.

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