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Malayalee wedding rituals is pleased to provide an insight to these traditions...

The Malayalee wedding rituals are simple. The wedding ceremony lasts for a short period known as the ‘Muhurtham’. The close relatives and friends of the bride side and the groom’s side come together to celebrate the ceremonies and enjoy thoroughly. The Malayalee wedding rituals are often arranged in village temple.

Rituals and Customs
There are a number of Malayalee weddings rituals. From the occasion of the date fixing, till the time the bride enters the groom’s house for the first time, the Malayalee marriage is full of excitement and enjoyment. The engagement ceremony is called as Nischayam, where the Malayalee couple traditionally exchange rings.

The wedding day too has various rituals that are performed. Veli is the main ritual of the wedding ceremony, where the groom ties the sacred knot. After the Veli ceremony, their marriage is announced. The party is arranged at the hall after the traditional feast called Sadhya which always follow the rituals of Malayalee wedding.

Special Features
Another important Malayalee wedding ritual is the Sadhya that is followed by a lunch. This feast is served on the banana leaves where a list of dishes is served on them. This takes place on both, the engagement day also the wedding day. Other specialties include the Grihpravesh which is the occasion where the bride enters the groom’s house for the first time after marriage.

The Malayalee wedding rituals are unique in many ways and hence, one shouldn’t miss them if one gets a chance.

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