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Kashmiri wedding rituals is pleased to provide an insight to these traditions...

Full of traditional and joyful ceremonies Kashmiri Wedding Rituals offer a time of family union for the Kashmiris. The marriage consists of a list of ceremonies and rituals that are performed with full enthusiasm and excitement.

The bride and the groom are dressed up by the close friends and relatives. The groom’s uncle helps him in draping the gordastar i.e. the turban. Before leaving for the bride’s place he is made to stand on the vyog i.e. a pattern made out of the rice flour. The whole wedding ceremony generally takes place at the house of the bride thus adhering to the facts of Kashmiri Wedding Rituals.

Rituals and Customs
The marriage procession starts after the reception. When the groom reaches the doorsteps of the bride’s house they are welcomed by the close friends as well as the relatives. The eldest member of the family offers nabad to the couple and there after they are taken to the door of the house where the ‘dwar puja’ ceremony takes place. They are then taken to the lagan mandap which is the place of the actual wedding. At the mandap the purohit conducts the wedding ceremony around the sacred fire.

One of the important Kashmiri Wedding Rituals performed during the ceremony is the aathwas during which the bride and the groom are asked to cross their arms and hole each other arms. As per the rituals the one who takes out the engagement ring first rules the household. After placing their right foots on a kajwat they are made to take the seven pheras stepping upon seven one rupee coins.

Reaching the end of the ceremony the married couples feed some rice to each other. After the completion of the marriage the couple is taken to vyog where the elder members of the family come forward and offer nabad to the couple three times. As per Kashmiri Wedding Rituals, the bride is seated in the doli as the relatives and the close friends wish her for the new life that she will spend with her partner.

Special Features
The Kashmiri Wedding Rituals are full of music and dance programs. The ladies organize a ceremony called Wanvun that is celebrated through out the night. Some of the families would even invite traditional singers who are knows as Bachkots. The guests are served with an array of elegant cuisines like Dumaalu, Nadrooyakhni and Chock Wangun.

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