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Kannada wedding rituals is pleased to provide an insight to these traditions...

The Kannada Wedding Rituals are very similar to the traditional Hindu weddings. The rituals are simple and allow the families to have a good time together. Different communities in Karnataka observe some different customs and traditions during the wedding and there is not much difference between them.

In a typical Kannada Wedding, there are pre-wedding, wedding and post-wedding rituals that are generally adhered to. In the pre-wedding rituals, there are rituals like Nandi, Nischay Tamulam, Havan, and Kaashi Yatre. Weddings are held in Mandaps and the Kannada Wedding Rituals during the actual ceremony are Mandap Puja, Dhare Herdu, and finally the Saptapadi.

Rituals and Customs
The Kannada Wedding Rituals are followed before, during and after the wedding. The Nischay Tamulam is the engagement ceremony where betel leaves and betel nut is offered to the brideís father. The groomís parents offer the bride sari, coconut, blouse and sweets. In the Nandi Kannada Wedding Rituals, the blessings of god are taken for a trouble free marriage ceremony.

The Mandap Puja is the important ritual in the entire ceremony where the place of marriage is worshipped and then Var Puja is performed by the parentís of the bride. The maternal uncle of the bride accompanies her to the stage and then there is the garlanding ceremony. During this ceremony, the brideís sister covers the face of the bride with a fan made of peacock feathers. The priest then chants the hymns.

Special Features
Kannada Wedding Rituals are interesting and very appropriate. One of the pre-wedding rituals called Kaashi Yatra is quite interesting because in this ritual the groom yearning for a bride pretends to be angry and starts packing for a journey to Kashi, which is a pilgrimage city. Then the maternal uncle asks him to refrain and promises that he will have his bride. The vidaai and the graha pravesh rituals are also important as they signify the coupleís entrance into married life.

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