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Bengali wedding rituals is pleased to provide an insight to these traditions...

Bengali Wedding Rituals follow a long and elaborative list of rituals before and after the marriage. The Bengali weddings are usually accomplished with pre-engagement rituals, engagement, pre-wedding, wedding and finally post-wedding rituals. Every phase of wedding includes number of rituals that are accomplished by their purohits. Pre-wedding rituals usually include the traditional ashirbaad, aai budo bhaat, holud Kota and dodhi mongol.

Rituals and Customs
Bengali Wedding Rituals start with the ritual called ‘bor jatri’ where the groom and his guests make way to the bride’s residence in the best attire. Bor Boron is a ritual where the groom is welcomed by the bride’s mother. They are usually welcomed by showing holy earthen lamp, sprinkling trefoil and kula, along with sweets and drinks. The groom, bride, and priest take their place for continuing the ceremony. Saat Paak ritual is then carried out where the bride’s brothers lift the bride and perform seven complete circles around the groom. After this, there is the three times exchange of garlands in a ritual named ‘mala badal’.

The next part of Bengali Wedding Rituals comprise of the ritual called ‘sampradan’ which is accomplished by one of the elder members from the bride’s family. The elderly male gives the bride over to the groom. The bride and groom are asked to chant mantras after the priest and the fire god ‘Agni’ witnesses the marriage. The couple is then asked to make seven circular rounds to solemnize the occasion. Once this is done, an offering is made to the fire god in ritual called ‘Anjali’. Sindoor Daan is the final ritual of the wedding day where the groom applies the Sindoor on the bride’s hair-parting and bride covers her head with the presented sari of the groom.

Special Features
Bengali Wedding Rituals don’t stop at the wedding day but continue with some more post-wedding rituals. Every speck of the Bengali Wedding Rituals is filled with lots of enjoyments, sweets and some other delicious foods. Bengali wedding is surely one of the finest wedding ceremonies in India.

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